Christmas and Kids

children and christmas

Look at the precious face of this child as she holds the pretty gift and anticipates what is inside of it.  Look at her eyes.  They say to me, “Thank you Grandma.  I love you.  I know you love me.”

Even though our society has made Christmas about the presents, exploding credit card charges, running like wild people to “get it all done”, and feeling obligated to get just the right item in time to throw them under the tree, there is something much more priceless about this time of year…spending warm and loving time with our family.

Maybe you become involved in your community in a bigger way by serving meals, getting a tag off the gift tree at the mall, or inviting people in who have no family around.  It is the season of giving, isn’t it?

Have we made the Christmas season on of “gimmee, gimmee” or do we make special efforts to bring hearts back to the “reason for the season?” The celebration of Christ’s birth is what we make it.  Music, making sugary goodies, re-reading the account of His birth (a tradition in our family growing up), going to concerts, special services, inviting people in,  going Christmas caroling, or watching Hallmark movies can all focus our hearts and minds back to special traditions and memories.

There are many families who will not feel like celebrating the holidays this year because of divorce, separation, death of a loved one, financial stresses or illness.  Traditions may fall by the wayside and all they want is for this “jolly season” to be over.  I know plenty of those who feel this way this year.

There are children whose parent may be incarcerated this year; some for the first time and some for yet another year.  They won’t experience the “holly, jolly Christmas” people sing about.  The stress at home has become a huge part of their life.  This is not “the most wonderful time of the year” for their family, that’s for sure.  Usually, the financial situation of their families causes the most stress.  How can we help these precious, innocent children?  Well, glad you asked…

This week on the Chained No More Talk Radio show, my guest will be Patti Hammonds, a woman with a huge heart for hurting children of prisoners.  She is a representative of Angel Tree, an arm of Prison Fellowship, a ministry founded by Chuck Colson.  She will share what these children experience and how Angel Tree is dedicated to provide wonderful Christmas experiences for them every year.  They also minister to these kids year round.  Please tune in Tuesday, November 17 at 2pm ET at  Beginning later that day, you can download the podcast at

I hope you will look around and see where you can be a blessing for those who are just trying to get through the holidays.  You can bring light to a dark community and world, by a smile, a gesture of kindness, or providing something that is needed.  Here come the holidays!  Let’s make them count for good.