Chains From the Past

The longer I lead “Chained No More”, the more I see how we allow the experiences from the past to cloud a healthy mind and our worth.  Mind you, I believe that we truly are nothing without God, but we are EVERYTHING with Him.  Humans; flawed human beings at that, have made us determine who we are.  THEY have defined us!  Yikes!

Many times, our parents have filled our heads and hearts with words such as “You will never amount to anything” or “You were so stupid when you did that” or “No one will ever want you because you are so mouthy”, or “If you loved me, you would clean your room”.  Maybe it was an ex spouse or someone you are involved with today.  “You are the sloppiest woman I have ever known”, or “If you would satisfy me, then I wouldn’t have to go out looking for someone else”, or “It is all your fault I hit you.  You just make me so mad”.  I could go on and on with the things I have heard our participants talk about in our class, but I know you get the point.

The young girl who has been abused and feels like she is worse than dirt and will forever seek “love” and acceptance anywhere she can.  The child who has been yelled at because he didn’t do well enough in sports or academics, will forever search for validation and may even go to the point of dishonesty to prove himself.  The child who was told he was stupid, so does not even see college as a possibility.

Do you see how the enemy,Satan, has buried us in shame and guilt and left us with a deadened self-worth?

One of the biggest issues here, is that we define ourselves by what humans beings have said to us and we don’t know the truth about who God made us to be and says we are.  Here are a few truths for you to take in:

You are accepted and you are God’s child      John 1:12

  • You are a friend of Jesus Christ      John 15:15
  • You have been chosen by God and adopted as His child      Eph. 1:3-8
  • You are secure/you are free from condemnation     Romans 8:1,2
  • You are complete in Christ     Col. 2:9-10
  • You are God’s temple     I Cor. 3:16
  • You are God’s workmanship     Eph. 2:10
  • You can approach God with freedom and confidence     Eph, 3:12

Now, how does that feel? THAT is the truth about you;  not what you have been told in the past.  So, who or Who are you going to believe?  A flawed human being or the Almighty God?!  The enemy has loved the power he has had over you, but now is the time to put your trust and confidence in God’s Word and break the chains that you have been dragging throughout your life.  Are you getting the picture?  We are nothing without Him, but we are everything with Him!!  All good in us is from Him.  Yes, we sin, but He forgives.  Yes, we mess up and make mistakes, but we are His children and He is right beside us to get through.

Meet the NEW you; the REAL you and have a good day!  No, have a GREAT DAY!!!