Can You Hear Me?


There is so much noise in our world and when our lives are as busy as they are, it can sometimes be hard to hear the things that really matter.  Things like an apology, a small whimper of a puppy or a child, the rustle of the trees on a windy day.  Maybe we do hear these things, but we ignore them and go on.  I wonder how much we miss that is truly important and meaningful.

Kids nowadays are constantly on the go; some because of practices, school, games, lessons, etc.  Some kids are on the go because they are being thrown back and forth between parents, or from one foster home to another.  I was reminded of this again this week, as I saw a family go back to court for the umpteenth time to figure out where the kids would land this time.  There was yelling, screaming, police and DHS involvement, crying uncontrollably, and once again, the kids were left wondering where they belonged as they filled plastic bags with their belongings.  My heart wept for them.

Kids, around this country, are crying out through their behavior because their hearts are broken, families shattered, and hopes and dreams crushed.  No one seems to be listening to their hearts and how their parents’ actions have thrown them into something they didn’t choose.

One little boy I knew was yelling at Sunday School teachers because they were calling him by his name.   They said he was being a “brat” and treated him as such.  Guess what?  The reason he didn’t want them to call him by his name was because his dad had named him and his dad promised to pick him up on Friday and didn’t show up.  His heart was saying, “My dad doesn’t love me.  I don’t matter to him.”

One teen girl refused to go to school and was taken to juvenile hall several times.  She was drinking and smoking pot.  The “powers that be” said she was a trouble teen and needed to be locked up.  The reason she didn’t want to go to school was because her parents split up, her clothes were rags, and kids made fun of her.  She could not concentrate on schoolwork because her mom and dad were in a horrible divorce war and she was right in the middle of it.  Her heart was saying, “I feel like I don’t belong.  I am worthless and I can’t take all of this fighting between my parents anymore!  I want to die!”

This week on the Chained No More radio show, my guest will be Wayne Stocks, the founder of “Divorce Ministry 4 Kids”, an incredible resource for kids and their  hurting families.  He will encourage, inspire, instruct and give practical tools for the issues thousands of families live today.  Don’t miss it!  He has answers and a heart as big as this world!  Tune in LIVE on Tuesday,  August 25 at 2pm ET at  You can also download this podcast at

Kids need us to hear their voice, but more importantly, we need to listen to their hearts.  That is where the hurt truly lies.  I always say, “If you minister to the heart of child, the behavior will change.”  Believe it!!!   Shhhhh.  Listen to these kids with YOUR heart.


“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness an patience.”  Col. 3:12


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