Can I Help?

How does it feel when you help someone and they appreciate it? Do you feel blessed to help? Now, how does it feel when someone helps YOU? Is it difficult for you to ask for help? Why? Hmmmmm. Would you rather be the one who helps and is blessed and not let others help and be blessed? Think deep.

We are presently at the 2014 AACC Conference in Branson. AACC stands for the American Association of Christian Counselors. This year is the national conference (3,000) and next year will be the world conference (10,000). The venue is full of therapists, counselors, pastors and students all learning how to “help” bring people to the healing arms of Jesus.

We have heard endless stories of the blessings of their work. They come every year to learn more and more techniques to “treat” people with all levels of trauma. They have all said, however, that it comes down to the Holy Spirit’s leading as they listen and “help”.

Who will the Spirit lead you to “help” today? Who will the Spirit lead to “help” you today? Be ready and open and enjoy.

Can I help?