Building Bridges and Mending Fences

mending fences

We have just been through a huge ice and snow storm here in the Northwest; the first in many years.  We were not prepared for it, so our cities just shut down.  In Portland, the sides of the roads were covered with abandoned vehicles.  There were hundreds of accidents and our emergency services and utility companies were kept running hard for a couple of weeks.

One of the things that makes the Northwest so beautiful are the acres and acres of trees, but when there is this type of storm, there is a big problem.  Huge trees fall on houses, cars on roadways and demolish many fences.  These fences are flattened in seconds and it can be devastating to property owners.

People work hard to rebuild the fences as quickly as they can so their yards are secure and their pets and kids are safe.  What a mess!

This reminded me of when families are in turmoil and fences can get tall and solid.  Communication is lost, hurt hardens hearts, grudges built on, and the next generation suffers too because of adult conflict.  Just another way families are being shattered today.

Sometimes conflicting adult siblings can’t even remember where the hurtful issues began, but they just choose not to work to solve them.  Family gatherings can become awkward at best and other family members take sides or have to adjust to keep these siblings apart.  How hurtful and unnecessary!  Aren’t we adults, after all?!

Think about your relationships with your siblings.  Are those relationships as close as they could be or are there unresolved issues that need to be worked on for the sake of unity in your family?  Who is going to take the high road?  Who is going to take the first step?  Who cares enough?  Who is willing to ask for or offer forgiveness?  How about you?

Our expert guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on Tuesday, January 17 is Sarah Hamaker and her topic is…”Adult Sibling Rivalry:  Building Bridges and Mending Fences.” This author will discuss conflict between adult siblings, the cost of rivalry to the family, how to resolve issues and what it takes to have healthy sibling relationships.  Tune in at 2-3pm ET at  You can download the podcast later at

“Do not pay anyone evil for evil.  Be careful to do what is right in the everybody.  If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone…Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”  Romans 12:17-19; 21

Is it time to “take the high road” and try to restore relationships with your sibling(s)?  Take time to pray about it first and ask God to guide you with every step.  Be led by humility, grace, forgiveness and a pure heart.  You can’t help what your sibling does, but you sure can help what  YOU do!  Like Nike says, “JUST DO IT!”  It’s the right thing to do.