Bags of Life

boy and bags

The ministries I have led for over 16 years have opened my eyes to the plight of the children of divorce.  Their families have been shattered without their consent, their entire world has been turned upside down, and they are then displaced.  They don’t know where they belong or where they fit in, now that the family members have gone their own separate ways.

Many times, because of the chaos in the home, a child is removed and placed in a foster home or with another relative.  Either that, or they go back and forth between mommy’s house and daddy’s house.  They no longer have a “home”, so to speak.  All they have known has been taken away and replaced with uncertainty, lack of security, and stability.

Every time the child is forced to go live somewhere else, for even the shortest time, they stuff their little belongings in a bag or two, the bags are thrown in the trunk of a car or the back of an automobile, they say goodbye once again to someone, and shrink back into the seat of the car headed to another destination.

Heartbreaking picture, isn’t it?  An entire generation lives this, and yet, we ask ourselves why there is so much hate, violence, and anger in our society today?  Meds taken for anxiety and depression are at an all time high. There are stories after stories, one that is recent here in our state, where someone, filled with anger and rage, took it out on innocent people and shattered more lives.  Tragic.

We must hear the cry of the children and know that they are not just “acting up” or merely “being rebellious”.  Their lives have been devastated and they need to find healing, plus find their identity and value.  We can no longer just turn our head away from them.  How do we do that?  Here are some ideas:

  • Get involved in youth groups on a volunteer basis
  • Teach or help with Sunday School
  • Maybe take some children to church on Sunday
  • Listen (REALLY listen) to kids more than you talk
  • Give hugs and pats on their backs (kids need these so bad!)
  • Realize that it takes longer for these hurt kids to trust, so earn it a little at a time
  • Don’t preach, but let them know often how much Jesus values and loves them
  • Treat them like valuable human beings; with respect
  • Go to their games, performances, etc. to encourage and support them

Damaged kids need loving actions and words from us more, since they might not get that at home much. Be generous and know that you are the hands and feet of Jesus when you do.

In our “Chained No More” classes, we see the devastating results of what these children live and how their issues continue throughout their entire adult life.  What a blessing to guide them to the Healer!  (

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me.”  Remember Jesus saying that?  It is still true today.  We must connect with these children on a “heart and soul level.”  We must guide them to the One who loves them the most and teach them about how much Jesus loves and values them, just for who they are.  We must extend the arms of Jesus to them by the way we treat them, talk to them, and surround them.

By the way, their parents need encouraging words and supportive actions, as well, so be generous with them too.  Such mighty eternal value as we serve our Lord by serving others.

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