Back Home

Our trips back to Minot, ND, my husband’s hometown, are always full of memories for him; some good and some not so good. We always go for a drive as he points out where his schools were, the hospital he was born at, where he had a fight, where he worked and his paper route. Throughout these drives, he tells me stories of his relationships, his experiences, and his family. Today we ended our drive with his mom at the gravesite of his father who died in 1968.

We all have memories from our hometown; some good and some not so good. Many of these memories have defined us throughout our lives; some good and some not so good. There is something about most families that gives us a sense of belonging. “I am part of them, we belong together, we have the same nose or the same hands, we sound alike, etc.”

I delight in watching my Ivan interact with his mom and brothers and sisters. They share inside jokes, as well as share memories with laughter and recognition. I kind of just sit back and enjoy. Today, here in Minot, I thanked his mom for having him at that hospital 69 years ago. He is the delight of my heart and soul. He is perfect for me and a fabulous gift.

Maybe you would rather not go “back home” because of the memories you have. Maybe you would like to just forget it. Were there any good times “back home”? Dwell on those things. Now look around you. Are you making good and healthy memories for your immediate family? What will they think of “back home” in years to come?