Aha Moments

One of the greatest moments in the “Chained No More” classes is when one of the participants has an “aha moment”.  At that moment, they realize something that they never saw before.  Here is an example:

Sheri is an adult child of divorce.  Her parents divorced when she was 10 years old.  Up to the point of the actual divorce, she heard her mom and dad argue almost every single day.  She decided that she would never be in a marriage like that, and she certainly would not divorce.  The pain was too great for her little heart and there just had to be a better way.

As she grew and moved into adulthood, she had difficulties in relationships because men would constantly control her.  She couldn’t understand why until one night in class. Her “aha moment” told her that because of her resolve as a little girl not to argue, she never learned how to give her opinion or experience a healthy confrontation.

Sheri figured out that it was not wrong to have a difference of opinion and she could set up healthy boundaries in her life.  This was only one of many, many chains that had been holding her down for years and going through “Chained No More…A Journey of Healing for the Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness”, she was able to break those chains and move forward in freedom and joy.

So, what are the chains that have held you down and affected your life?  Need some help to figure that out?  www.robynb.ministries.com/chainednomore