Age to Age

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There is nothing like the love of a healthy grandparent who loves, encourages, buys you ice cream, tells you stories of years gone by and bakes cookies with you.  This type of love is usually an unconditional love that draws children to their grandma and grandpa.

I remember my German grandparents and the times we would spend with them on holidays.  We would comb Grandpa’s thick black hair by the hour until he would fall asleep in his chair.  My grandma, who had huge painful bunions on her feet would spend hours in the kitchen  with her apron wrapped around her waist, preparing the family feast.  After Grandpa died, she would come to our house once a month and iron our clothes by the hour on those sore feet.  They didn’t show us love through hugs or with words, but their actions shows us they loved us through their selfless actions.  We loved our grandparents in Seattle.

Our grandparents in Michigan were quite the opposite.  They would take us fishing, picnicking, go to church, visit farms and ride horses, help them weed and harvest their big vegetable garden.  Grandpa even let me go with him to the post office where he was the postmaster.  We were covered in love and hugs and words of encouragement and we laughed a lot at their little home in Michigan.  We loved going there too.

Even though both sets of grandparents have been with the Lord for a long time, my brother and sister and I still love to look at old slides and remember the “good old days” with them.

In this generation,  grandparents are increasingly finding themselves raising their grandchildren because the parents are unable to.  Maybe it is because of addictions, incarceration, abuse issues, financial problems, or the like.  Now, these same loving grandparents are running carpools, buying clothing and personal supplies, taking kids to games and practices, attending school functions, meeting needs and taking them to doctor appointments when the kids are sick…all in addition to trying to make things better emotionally from all the devastation these kids are living.

Sometimes, the parents and the kids live with the grandparents and that adds another layer to the chaos and stress.  How did this happen on such a big scale?!  These children are wandering around not knowing where they belong and they don’t have a”home” anymore.  it hurts my heart.

For you grandparents, who are raising your grandchildren, or are at least trying to help them through the divorce of their parents,  I applaud and respect you. You have a difficult challenge.  I pray you sense God’s presence, strength and guidance each day.

“God is our Refuge and Strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea… BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD…The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our Fortress.” Psalm 46 

 Please listen to the 06-30-15 “Chained no More” radio podcast with Linda Jacobs about grandparents raising their grandkids by going to  You will learn so much that will help you on this journey in your family.  You can also go to Linda’s website at for articles on this subject.

Grandparents, wrap your loving arms around those hurting grandchildren of yours and pray God will heal their hearts.  Find helpful resources and people you can talk to as you  take on this important challenge.  God bless you for your faithfulness.


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