Mission Statement

To glorify God by bringing those who are hurting toward His love, forgiveness, grace and healing through word and song and to share His joy and strength with all who hear.

Ministry Dedication

Robyn B Ministries is dedicated to my father, Pastor Darrel L. Bellville. He was my dad, friend, mentor, pastor and was a magnificent example of someone who put his relationship with God and serving Him above all else. It is an honor to continue his legacy.

Robyn B.
author, event speaker, singer/songwriter, worship leader, single parent family ministry developer/trainer.

Robyn grew up in a pastor’s home, so her heart has always beat for ministry and serving others.  Robyn has spent many years ministering to the hurting. The songs on her album, “Through the Rain”, are songs she wrote from those experiences of seeing God heal lives. Her enthusiasm for life and her motto, “Live life to the fullest and take people with you” are contagious and inspirational. Robyn lives in Oregon and is married to her husband Ivan. They have two grown children, Scott and Tami, and a grand dog, Braxton.