A World of Beige

How much color do you have in your life?  Do you add color to the lives of those around you?  Do you engage in the lives of people or do you live in “a world of beige”?

My husband and I took a 3 week trip in June and much of the time, we saw a word with beige houses, beige hills, beige malls, beige roads that led to nothing but more beige.  It became almost depressing to me since we are used to the vibrant colors of Oregon; the rich blues of lakes, rivers and streams, the varying shades of green trees and hills and the bright array of flowers blooming.  We were so glad to get back into the Northwest and see color again!

As we drove mile after mile, I thought about life and how some of us live in a “world of beige”.  We do the same thing day after day, never venturing out to try new things.  Some of us don’t even have any purpose to our days, so “who cares”.  Some of us isolate ourselves to feel safe and some of us can’t wait to get out and spend time with others, experiencing the colorful world around us.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  John 10:10

  • Have you gotten into a rut and live in a “world of beige”?
  • Do you lack purpose in your life?
  • Have you let your past experiences keep you in a type of prison?
  • What steps are you willing to take to bring color into your life and “have it to the full”?

May God bless you and guide you as you step into the light and let His light shine upon you.