A Man Called Home

Well, Rev. Billy Graham was finally called home to be with His Lord and Savior, whom he served during a lifetime of ministry.  His purpose was clear, his ministry was a calling and he was the same man whether he was with his family in the backyard or at a pulpit before thousands of spiritually hungry souls.  One of the quotes I liked most from him was, “It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge, and my job to love.”

I remember when I was about 10 years old, that our family went to the Billy Graham Crusade in Vancouver, B.C.  My dad was a pastor, so we got to sit near the front and my father got to lead people to Jesus as they came forward to receive salvation.  It is vivid in my memory that after the crusade, I was backstage with my family and here came Rev. Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea, and Cliff Barrows.  They all greeted us and then I asked each of them if they would sign my little red autograph book.  I remember them talking with my dad for awhile and as I looked up at these four “giants” of the faith, it felt like I was looking at true men of God.  That made quite an impression on my little heart and I carried that little red book with me wherever I went and showed it to everyone I could.  Another step in God preparing me for ministry.

As I grew up, I was able to sing in the Crusade Choir and hear him passionately preach the Gospel with his Bible high above his head.  I will never forget singing “Just As I Am” as thousands would fill the aisles and come forward to receive salvation.  I remember crying as I saw broken people slowly make their way forward; many of them weeping.  Another step.

The moment I heard Rev. Graham died, the picture came to mind of him opening his eyes and seeing Jesus Christ face to face.  What a glorious picture!  The God he served for so long, welcomed Rev. Graham into the perfection of Heaven.  His family members were there, some presidents, and the millions upon millions who were led to Christ through his ministry.  I’ll bet the angelic choir was singing like never before and they welcomed this man of faith into the Kingdom.  The beauty of this thought is that each one of us will be welcomed the same way when we step into the presence of God!  I love that!  We all have a calling and a purpose here on earth and all are valued the same in the eyes of the Living God!  Hallelujah.

Goodbye, Rev. Billy Graham.  We will remember you with great respect and love and are grateful for the example you were of being faithful to our Lord God for a lifetime.  We will carry on here and see you again in the Heavenly Realm.  “This world is not my home; I’m just passing through.”

Well done, good and faithful servant.