'Chained No More' gives me hope that my life can be better and healthier. -Steve S.

chained no more

"Chained No More" was written for the adult children of divorce/childhood brokenness to help them explore and address the issues connected with those experiences.  It will also explore how it has affected their lives and then bring them toward the Lord's healing and freedom.
It was researched through many interviews of adult children of divorce, a strong focus group, advisors and leading experts in the field, including pastors, therapists, counselors, authors, and various book resources (listed in the back of the books), all with the strong guidance of the Lord God.
This curriculum was designed to:

  • Take participants back to that devastating experience
  • Help them explore the power it has had on them in their lives
  • Bring them toward healing
  • Finally, give them practical tools for a brighter and healthier future

This 13-week version of "Chained No More" is most effectively done with leaders and participants, meeting once a week, taking time to explore the issues in large and small groups.  There is no assigned homework so that this healing process can be effectively done with trained facilitators.  There is a Leader Guide as well as a Participant Book.


"My entire life has been changed! There's a new grandma in town." - Donna N.

"From the first class to the end, I was healed and tranformed into a whole new person. I have hope now!" - Terry

"I am a new man!  All my anger is gone.  Amazing!" - Monte

"The chains I have been dragging behind me for decades have been broken forever. PTL!" -   John

"I have been to various counselors and therapists and have never experienced healing breakthroughs like this!" Susan  

"It is a great blessing and honor to serve as a CNM leader as we watch the hand of God heal broken lives."  Sue N.

"When I healed, my marriage did too!  My husband has a new, healthier wife now!"  Jennifer

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Feb 3rd
Chained No More Classes (Mixed Class)

First Baptist of Eugene 3550 Fox Meadow Rd. Eugene, OR

Feb 5th
Chained No More Class (women only)

First Baptist Church of Eugene 355- Fox Meadow Rd. Eugene, OR

Oct 2nd
Association of American Christian Counselors (AACC)

Branson, Missouri